2 comments on “Rhonda Lee Ellis — Remembered

  1. I’ve often struggled with opening about personal things as well, so I’m glad to see you’re finding yourself able to do so.

    I’ve really enjoyed learning about your experiences through chatting, this blog, and your long feature. You’ve got a really great story and one I find to be very inspirational. Whenever I’d rather roll over and go back to bed instead of the gym I just think that you’re probably out there busting your but.

    Also that’s super cool about there being a medical book about your aunt’s treatments.

    • Thanks Steve! I think it’s always a difficult thing for any person to be vulnerable and talk about what’s going on. I’ve always felt that it would be seen as complaining or trying to seek pity because my aunt never ever complained. I’m glad this blog has a minor roll in your life to help push you to get to workouts. But, don’t be fooled I have my weaknesses too like any athlete where I reach a point were all I want to do is skip a workout and rather sleep in. haha.

      And yeah, over winter break I am going to try an locate the medical book. It will probably be tough to see due to personal connections, but gotta face your fears at some point.

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