3 comments on ““Don’t you have to be 80 to have Arthritis?” Here’s the Facts

  1. I really liked how informative this post was. The chart was a really nice touch, showing the differences between rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, and I liked the interviews with various people, because it really serves to show people the common misconceptions about rheumatoid arthritis and who it can affect.

  2. I am so proud of you Emily. So many people let their conditions define them. YOU, on the other hand, are redefining the definition of perseverance. You are dedicated to kicking RA to the curb. You are a true inspiration to all who know you. We love you so very much. Your nephews look up to you for all that you stand for and all that you are.
    Gerry, Peter, Nicholas & Christopher xoxoxo

  3. Using quotes at the beginning of each post sets you apart, serves as a nice touch, and allows for a jumping-off point (like the notion that old age is the originator of all disease.

    I also agree with Kayla’s comment above that the chart helps to clarify – in a stark way – the differences between OA and RA (I have relatives with both, and I agree that people often conflate them).

    In the “About” section, I’d cut down (or cut out entirely) your description of RA, since you do that in the blog itself. Just use About to describe yourself and your experience with RA, etc. Finally, make sure you read individual posts carefully for grammatical and stylistic errors (and needed fixes). I’d suggest reading them aloud – it’s the absolute, most helpful way to proofread.

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